“Speaking of Blood Magic” by Aurora Bones

Rehearsal Dinner 2 by Nadia Arioli

We are doors.
We can open or close.

My flesh is a fence
(but my mouth is a gate.)

Remember the bones
beneath the surface.

Scars are better than photographs
to remember things by.

So feed me your wounds
by the glistening spoonful.

I want to eat
your hurting.


Aurora Bones is eternally curious about the relationship between the internal and external worlds. She spends her time teaching English, writing poetry, and reading fantasy novels. She also enjoys planting sunflowers, and spends her evenings catching fireflies and then letting them go again.

Nadia Arioli’s visual art can be found on the cover of Permafrost and in Wrongdoing MagazineFeralStrawberry MoonAnti-Heroin ChicNorthwest Review and Kissing Dynamite. They illustrated James Rodehaver’s chapbooks, published by Cringe Worthy Poetry Collective.