We’re open through August 31, 2022 for poetry, fiction, nonfiction, reviews, and translations on the theme of Trans/formation:

Trans/formation: shifting, fluidity, change, and rediscovery in all forms, big and small. Consider how trans/formation raises the ideas of both a continuing process of becoming, and of some kind of coalescence. What does trans/formation mean to you? We’d love to read work about transgender experiences, but we’re also excited to hear about the myriad other ways in which trans/formative moments and actions shape us, our lives, and the world we inhabit.

We’re open for excerpts from forthcoming books being released by independent presses. 

We are also open for art, translations, interviews, and reviews, as well as pieces on Ukraine.

Our mission:

We love work that is personal and political and shows that you can write beautifully and incisively about important subjects.

We also call for theme submissions from time to time. In the second half of 2019 we published pieces on the theme of race/riot/rebellion/revolution in order to commemorate the 1919 Chicago race riot, the 1919 Red Summer, and the 400th anniversary of the introduction of slavery in what became the US. In 2021 we asked for submissions on displacement.

Though we no longer have specific submission portals on those themes, we always welcome work that deals with the general subjects of race/riot/rebellion/revolution and displacement.

As writers, we know how hard it is to wait for a response, so we accept simultaneous submissions.

What we publish:


As an online journal that publishes twice a week, we are able to get pieces out quickly. We’re seeking nonfiction about the invasion of Ukraine, such as Sergey Gerasimov’s devastating report from Kharkiv. We seek the concrete, the personal, not the theoretical or polemical. You can send drafts, queries, or finished work. We are also seeking photos.


We welcome translations of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama (including excerpts from novels or from full-length plays). Whenever possible, we also publish the piece in the original language. We need written permission of the writer whose work has been translated.

Reviews and review-essays

Unlike many other literary magazines, ACM welcomes book reviews and review-essays about history and social issues. We’re most interested in books that provide new ways of looking at subjects. We also publish reviews and review-essays of works of literature. We encourage creativity in form. We occasionally publish reviews of other art forms. We now have separate review portals for poetry and for prose. Publishers and authors may also send queries through those portals.


We are open to queries about interviews with writers, activists, artists, and public intellectuals. As a rule, we require interviews to be conducted in person, by phone, by Zoom or the like.


We publish art with each work of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, and welcome all sorts of media. We also publish portfolios of an artist’s work (including photographers). Please query with a link to your web site or attachments.


We seek memoir, reported essays, braided essays, collages, vignettes, extremely literary journalism, oral history, meditations, combinations of the previous. Short, long, medium. Political in the largest sense.


We publish short-short to long, no restrictions on style or content.