“Facebook Scrolldown, July 6, 2016” by Jennie Neighbors

should i delete my facebook portfolio, Sean MacEntee

The US does not keep track of police killings
Target: Keep your home clean and smelling fresh
Smell the Entropy

Dream interpretations last modified 7/6/16
Erasure Stories
What is the law-enforcement oath of honor?

He adopts his “there’s a storm coming” demeanor.
I look outside.
A white guy writes an alt-history thriller.

Keep it secret, keep it safe:
6 homes with awesome hidden rooms and passages–
Where can you go?


jennie neighbors

Jennie Neighbors is a poet and playwright who lives in South Carolina. She has two published books, Between the Twilight and the Sky (Parlor Press), which investigates liminality, and But They, Um (Spuyten Duyvil Press), which is a poet’s play utilizing declassified documents from the Abu Ghraib torture scandal.