“I am a lobster” by Meagan Perry

I am a lobster.jpg
Photo: Andrew Reilly

I am a lobster, and I live in this tank with many others. We have been pulled from the ocean floors to clamber over each other here. We don’t get along because we’re always fighting for a spot near the air pump. I think it looks peaceful on the other side of the glass. In here we eat garbage. Out there, we are the meal.

I watch the customers flit through post-theater parties and fumble through dates. I learned about these events by listening to their muffled voices through the glass of our tank. If you’re going on a date this restaurant is as good as any, I hear. Not too pricey, decent atmosphere, but it’s not for business meetings.

At a table to the right, one of us is splayed out on a platter, shell smooth and a bright, unhealthy red.  People here always seem delighted by this. The couple I have my eyes on are no exception. They smile across the corpse and pick up their tools; the man pinches a joint to crack off a claw, then offers half the muscle he pries out to the woman.

Sometimes I raise a claw up to create drama, and I try it now. It catches the man’s eye. He clasps his date’s wrist and squeezes. With a glint in her eye she devours the meat in a single bite.



Meagan Perry is a podcaster and writer living in Toronto, Canada. Her fiction has been published in Carolina QuarterlyColumbia Journal, Saint Ann’s Review, and won honorable mention in the Glimmer Train Short Story Award for New Writers. Her audio work has appeared on BBC, CBC, NPR and RTE. Most recently, she produced a podcast about science and hosted by Dan Riskin called Recent Paper, Decent Puzzle.acm56 peery