“In Case of Death or Divorce, Which Are Not the Same Thing” by Janelle Adsit

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In Case of Death or Divorce, Which Are Not the Same Thing

after the last of the wooden fires
minus the self-same daylight
for what was meant to overlook
away from the parchment
beneath the dying and drying
of the once boosted magnolia
by the still-same answer
without all we left the way we found it
around the proposed solutions
following their supposed denouements
except the documents of general unfolding
near the sale and the call
between the unfurling and the surly leaflet
along the recourse and course
of our first instruction
beyond the actual laying of accuracy
there there beside
Janelle Adsit is an assistant professor of creative writing at Humboldt State University. She is editor of the forthcoming anthology Critical Creative Writing (Bloomsbury). She also has written a book of poems titled Unremitting Entrance and a pedagogy text, Toward an Inclusive Creative Writing.
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