“The Violence of the Ostrich” by Nicholas Karavatos

The Violence of the Ostrich

From three hundred million miles away      invaders from Mars!
He saw them                                             land from outer space.
He saw them                                          capture innocent people.
Professional infiltrators                                                      exploit                                                                                       weakness

Father turned against son. People
changed into strange weird animals.  

A general of the army becomes a saboteur. Trusted police
turn into arsonists. The boy’s parents changed into killers.  

“The rich people need to find a war.” Pipes lead from nothing to nowhere.
“We stay and pay the price.”              Pipes run between domed buildings
that owe nothing to this planet. “Who loses?                                             
It’s you and me,” says Tahar Kerig in
the Tunisian Sahara.   

Invaders from Mars capturing humans
at will for their own sinister purposes and  

turning them into diabolical instruments turning them into
                                  scrappers, blasters, & bruisers
                             tacticians, generalists, & fellow infiltrators.

  Immigration and Customs Enforcement make custody decisions
based upon the facts of the case. Any accusation that Immigration
and Customs Enforcement uses retaliatory tactics is patently false.                           

America’s drunken uncle at Thanksgiving, Broward                                                                                 County; two acting-up
National Immigrant Youth Alliance actors land in Florida, go on
                                   an undercover action to infiltrate the Broward                                                                              Transitional Center. “Squads
                   arrested 342 infiltrators in December, says an Abu Dhabi official.  

                                                                        The Abu Dhabi official praised
the enormous efforts put by security agencies concerned to carry out
the operation to arrest infiltrators. The official also thanked the citizens

who cooperated with the police providing information leading to 
the arrest of the infiltrators.”  

The Prevention of Infiltration Law defines an “infiltrator” as anyone
who has entered knowingly and unlawfully since the 16th of Kislev, 5708

and is … (3) a Palestinian citizen or a Palestinian resident without nationality
or citizenship or whose nationality or citizenship was doubtful and
who, during the said period, left his ordinary place of residence in
an area which has become a part of Israel for a place outside Israel                          

the Bidūn’ of the Arabian Gulf                                                                            stateless since before statehood
the internal borders of hukou in China
                         and propiska in Russia. An IDF amendment  

refines an infiltrator as “a person who is present in the area
                                      and does not lawfully hold a permit.”  

Mexico traded 55% of its territory for lasting peace with the United States
ratified in the Treaty of Peace, Friendship, Limits and Settlement between
the United States of America and the Mexican Republic of 1848.

                          The two NIYA activists who are undocumented
pretended to be newly arrived, confused immigrants  

who speak little English. After multiple attempts to be arrested by the authorities                                                        they get themselves arrested by somewhat
perplexed US Border Patrol agents.
                                                            Armed with information                                                                     the infiltrators are pro bono prisoners                                                                                                filing legal documents.  

Helena Carter and Leif Erikson          battle these invaders from Mars.  
“There will be no peace on Israel’s border,”               said the president
“because we demand vengeance           and vengeance is Israel’s death.”

  The Spokesperson asks The Media why do “you always want to go by
what’s come out of his mouth rather than look at what’s in his heart”?

Weird fantastic beings of a
Super-intelligence.                      Ruling a race of synthetic humans
                                       and pitting them against mankind’s dream.  

“Egypt has decided to dispatch,” said
the president, “the disciples of Pharaoh [inaudible] will cleanse the land of Palestine.”
Infiltrators mingle with                                                                 the local populace
                             and incite the diabolical instruments to rebellion:
                                              the scrappers, blasters & bruisers, the
                                              tacticians, generalists, & the fellowships of women
              at the center of the transition.  

Ladino after the Edict of Expulsion in 1492.

                                                             “Whenever George Lucas comes back
         he asks for me,” says Kerig. “He’s not much of a talker, so we get on.”  

“The terrorists say they’re [inaudible] but they’re not,” says the driver in
                   a universal trope of in-group denial. “It would be good if
the [inaudible] and [inaudible] came back.

                                        It’s very peaceful here.”  

Star Trek Trading, LLC is located in the heart of Naif Road, Deira, Dubai.
                                Captain Kirk & Commander Spock say “Dubai looks like
whatever tomorrow will be.” Caste in a “city of the future”
                                                         is cloaked in its glare. Zachary Quinto  
confesses during interrogation and is deported for waging war against god
in his hotel room.

                 The conspiracy is that the unsupportive
         reporting is a conspiracy. The unsupportive
reporting is not the conspiracy. Five-times why. Unusual.                                                                               Unbelievable. It’s                                                                               Fantastic but possible. It                                                                               could happen tomorrow.  

“It’s more than plausible. It happened to me. In 1997 when I left the agency, I resigned; showed up in Beirut, and there was a contract out on a Gulf prince. It was open, and people knew about it. He was hiding in Syria at the time. He opposed his government. He was a cousin of the emir of his government. He was a bit of a, you know, red-diaper prince. He tried a coup in 1995 and was trying again in 1997, and there was money being offered to whack this guy. So it is plausible. This is the way the Middle East works.”
Good Night
Good Luck. Rojas released from detention after staging a hunger strike.

                      Rojas redetained during a routine check-in he attended with
his lawyer. The Infiltrators reënacts events inside
a decommissioned mental hospital for verisimilitude.                                                         
A Conviviality
                                was enforced by gates quartering The City                                                                         at night.    A Melancholia
                                  is enforced by gates that quarter The City.                                                                                        Earth is invaded by                                                                                unbeatable weapons and                                                                                   a cruel sense of humor
in Independence Day as
directed by Tim Burton—at the Hotel Casablanca of
                                             Aphrodite and Ares, the infiltrators
                               came for the waters but were misinformed.
             A New Hope is an Arab Spring in the
                                     Tunisian desert but the repressed flesh markets of Libya                                                                            return the shadow of Civilizations.
           The female migrant is recommended
The female asylum-seeker is recommended
to receive a hormonal birth control injection prior to beginning her journey.

                                                         Souls on ICE “have been colonized
by an oppressive [inaudible] society,” said Black Panther, “that projects
its brief, narrow vision of life as eternal truth.”


Author Portrait 2Nicholas Karavatos is a lecturer in creative writing at Arab American University of Palestine in Jenin, the West Bank. In spring of 2018, he was a US Ambassador’s Distinguished Scholar to Ethiopia. From 2006 through 2017, he was an assistant professor at the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. Nick is a graduate of Humboldt State University in Arcata and New College of California in San Francisco. He has a published book No Asylum. His poem, “Stand Your Ground,” was published in ACM. 

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