“Stand Your Ground” by Nicholas Karavatos

Murderers, Doren Robbins

Stand Your Ground

Rising seas–the Everglades
drained and paved.

In a state of Florida, a
Marissa Alexander is not a George Zimmerman.
She is a Trayvon Martin.

Florida is a penis in a holster.
Florida is a flaccid pistol.


nickkNicholas Karavatos teaches Creative Writing at the Arab American University of Palestine-Jenin in the West Bank.





doren robbinsSpuyten Duyvil Publishing has produced Doren Robbins’ monograph, Apocalypse Contemporary, on Sharon Doubiago’s book Naked to the Earth. His art has appeared in Otoliths, Caliban, Empty Mirror, Angry Old Men, Agave, Houston Literary Review, Quora, and The Signature of All Things.