“Dispatch from a Pandemic: Kooskooksie, Washington” by Kathy McConnell

still life
Kathy McConnell

I had no choice but to take still life photos. My dog died in December, my husband died a long time ago, and I live alone in a cabin in the woods. “STAY IN,” blared the warnings. I am not unhappy in the house all day. I write. On a rare grocery store shopping expedition a few weeks ago, I bought a bouquet of mums to brighten the time of this corona samcoronavirus COVID-19. When all but one of the flowers died, I put the remaining one in my mother’s old rose bowl. She has died also, my mum has.

Just before I switched off the light, the bubbles caught my eye. I turned the overhead back on and took a still life that I shall title, “Still Life of a Mum After All Else Died.”

–April 2, 2020


kathy mcconnell

Writing from her cabin in the woods in southeast Washington State, Kathy McConnell is a blogger at Box of Tales and a guest columnist for her local newspaper. Her manuscript, Mapping the Topography of Grief – a Travel Memoir was shortlisted by Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association in 2017 and her photography was recently published in Burningword Literary Journal, Issue 90. She posts regularly on Instagram.