“Dispatch from a Pandemic: Cardiff, Wales” by Zélia De Sousa



Never have I seen people buy so much so quickly. Will I go home empty handed?

Eating cereal for dinner I ask myself, At what time should I go shopping? Panicking as well.

I remember Mama telling me stories how my Avós (grandparents), Ma and her sibling had bread for breakfast and alternated lunch and dinner with vegetable soup, boiled potatoes and the Madeiran dish milho cozido (cooked maize) with fish. Dessert when they could afford it–a biscuit.

The best part is, they never complained.

As for toilet paper – they used a cloth. Painkillers – herbal tea.

My world today has vegan, vegetarian, organic, non- organic, gluten free, nut free, soya, frozen, non-frozen, the list goes on yet the shelves are empty?

Tomorrow I will go shopping and take what is left (within reason, of course).

As for toilet paper, well, I’ll just have to use tissues or paper towels. Painkillers–I will try Mama’s remedy. Like she says, ‘If I survived so will you’.

–March 23, 2020


Zélia De Sousa is a Portuguese/South African now living in the United Kingdom. Brazilian Author Paulo Coelho inspired her to write after she read The Alchemist. She likes to write long/short stories, poetry and scripts. Zélia loves travelling and turning her adventures into stories.