“Gem Eyes” by Daniel Brenner

Vine, Dru!

Gem Eyes

Leader as a ten-cent lich out somewhere better off
I have to know first
Shorn of locks and skin
Torn up sleeves like a mummy
Wandering around some post-nuke safari park
With cauliflower growing out of my arm
Like a freak at night a beast
A leech a rooster growing out of my
A whole petting zoo emanating from my taste buds
For you
Outside of the city a river of shit
Collapses into drainage lynxes aka our eyes in the dark
For the children of the revolution to guard
And I will call you class ten and it will be okay
To run for the hills at that point right fair enough but
When you get down to what’s fair
Off in the desert where everything is beautiful
The beanstalk that lesson
Is that up there is plenty of food up there
Lots of room
To the food
To the room Just a few close shaves that’s all


IMG_0420Daniel Brenner has written two books of poetry, The Stupefying Flashbulbs (2006) and June (2011) with Fence Books. He currently lives and writes in Southern California.