Poems by Jeff Min

Color Theory

woke up and found a jejune
streak running
down my back
decided to do something
like draw a picture

I grabbed some soft-tipped
colored pencils
and some
sketching paper
and sat

my hands reached into
pools of faraway colors:
True Green
Poppy Red

I wondered aloud
if on those odd days
where I felt like a hunted squid  
that what I was actually feeling
was Light Cerulean Blue


popped and locked out of
the foggy night
the mortals out wrestling
with samsara:
Scarlet Lake
Light Umber

in this place of near-misses
everything is quiet

as cool and intellectual
as Vantablack

Dialogues of Tea

arose on the
active side of infinity
and found a prayer in
my cup

the script was gilded
just like the
inside of my eyelids

it read:

1 gram ginger root
½ gram turmeric root
pinch of black pepper
coconut oil
fresh lemon juice
green tea
5 cups water

drank and found a cardinal   
swimming in a blonde sea

some believe
it’s as easy
as breathing
in and out

and sometimes it


20160504_131538_2Jeff Min prefers bridges over walls and believes that the only thing that matters, in this life and the next, is love.