“Stars & Scars” by John Martino

All the Rage, John Martino

Stars & Scars

I’m drawing a line in the sand
with the middle finger of a severed hand
from Ground Zero to Afghanistan, 
through Libya, Syria, and Pakistan.                                    

I pledge allegiance to no man,
let alone some fucking flag,
which, by any other tag,
would be a body bag.

Take a knee? Take three.
Rigged game from here to austerity.
Breathe, goddammit! Exercise
in posterity. To dream, perchance

to sleep. The President’s a midnight
creep, tweeting his insanity
until dawn. I’m counting sheep.
The line is drawn.


IMG_4578 (1)John Martino is a writer and teacher currently residing in Hong Kong. His poems have appeared in a number of publications, including The Bitchin’ Kitschfrak\tureBlue Lake ReviewConnotation Press: An Online Artifact, and the anthology Envy: 7 Deadly Sins Vol. 6 from Pure Slush Books.