“Dispatch from a Pandemic: West Windsor, New Jersey” by Marco Harnam Kaisth


Like a million other college students, I am thrown home. To the burbs. My days are lined with online pretense, my nights, with old cartoons. I take long bikes rides, I shuffle through dog-eared books, I worry about my grandparents. I write haikus:

Returning to our
too-small bikes, VHS tapes,
we drink up their glow.


The morning opens.
Each screen, again, pithily
reads: Get fucked deathhead.

–March 25, 2020


Marco Harnam Kaisth is a computer scientist, artist, and poet. He is a Global Leadership Fellow at Waseda University. He was the 2019 University of Chicago New Voices in Poetry student reader,  and runner-up in the Vermont Poetry Society’s 2020 national contest. His work has exhibited at Purification Ritual, the Zimmerli Museum, and Commiserate Chicago.