“Bird Identification Guide” by Kyle Churney

Fragments, by Joyce Polance
Scarlet Tanager                       manslaughter


American Cardinal                     arson


Red-winged Blackbird                  aggravated battery


Mockingbird                           perjury


American Woodcock                     indecent exposure


Brown Creeper                         solicitation


Ring-necked Pheasant                  pandering


Lesser Prairie Chicken                prostitution


American Crow                         disturbing the peace


Red-bellied Woodpecker                vandalism


Turkey Vulture                        burglary


Bald Eagle                            blackmail


Indigo Bunting                        embezzlement


Ruby-throated Hummingbird             resisting arrest


Kyle ChurneyKyle Churney’s poetry has appeared in Salt Hill, The Journal, and other publications, and his essays have been published in the Chicago Tribune. He is a recipient of a Literary Award from the Illinois Arts Council and a fellowship from the MacDowell Colony. A native of rural Illinois, he lives in Chicago, where he teaches at a community college and is working on his first poetry collection, Elsewhere.