“Another Farewell” by Matthew Murrey

53rd Street Metra by Sasha Weiss

Goodbye is a road  
from paved to gravel to God
knows where. I’ve said goodbye

to people I’ll never see again—some,
it’s just as well, but others…hmmm—
I wish I could see them one more time.

Some I wanted to say goodbye to,
but didn’t. The bus was about to leave;
it was late and the lights were off;

or I just forgot.  So I’ll say it now,
say it quietly, like a little prayer.
Goodbye friend. Goodbye dear.

I could do better, right—
like that bus, or the sun at sundown,
or October leaves? But then

I’d be someone who gets it right,
who always calls or writes,
and I wouldn’t have this regret

that I carry so sorely today—
your leaving and our little lie:
Let’s keep in touch, goodbye.


Matthew Murrey’s poems have appeared widely, most recently in Under a Warm Green LindenMom Egg Review and The Inflectionist Review. His first book of poems, Bulletproof, came out from Jacar Press in 2019. He works as a high school librarian, and is in his last year before retiring.

Sasha Weiss, the Managing Editor of Another Chicago Magazine, is a poet who moved from Los Angeles to Chicago for the weather. Their work has appeared in From the Depths, Cathexis Northwest, and Another Chicago Magazine, among others.