Introducing The Loop (Art/Power)

Welcome to The Loop (Art/Power),  a new section that will showcase provocative nonfiction with art of some kind as an important element. It is named, not as you must surely think, for the freeway that encircles the largish center of my Harvey-beleaguered hometown, but for the cable car/subway/L tracks that encircle/d downtown Chicago. The ACM Loop opens its virtual arms to take in photo essays, review-essays, travel pieces, experimental work, video essays, reportage, oral history, meditations, collage, rumination, interviews, critiques, humor, thoughtful lists, and and forms we haven’t thought of. The combination of art and text is important for The Loop. I edit it. Because I want to. Submission info is here.

The first entry comes from Randi Freundlich, a Boston-area photographer who tells a story in photographs and words, about children of immigrant families growing up in America.

Author: S.L. Wisenberg

S.L. Wisenberg was ACM nonfiction editor from 1997 to 2010. Her books are "The Sweetheart Is In," stories; "Holocaust Girls: History, Memory & Other Obsessions," essays; and "The Adventures of Cancer Bitch," a nonfiction personal-political chronicle. Find links to her work at .