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Another Chicago Magazine 50

volume 1

ACM has released its 50th issue, an issue dedicated to our hometown of Chicago. To be perfectly honest, we never thought we’d make it to a 50th issue. ACM has never been known for fundraising skills, financial acumen, or an airtight organizational structure. Mostly we’ve just been known for being independent since 1977 and for publishing young and exciting writers as frequently as we can manage it on a shoestring budget. We like it that way. So when we realized that we were in fact still around and viable and putting out our 49th issue, it struck us that the best way to celebrate that nice, round number was to set about celebrating our roots and publishing a Chicago issue.

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Another Chicago Magazine Issue 49

Bestiarium Vocabulum

Here begins an examination of the nature of beasts.
Of lions and panthers and tigers,
wolves and foxes,
dogs and apes.
Of poets and fictioneers
and graphic design mavens,
lurkers and disreputable types,
hyenas and scalawags,
and all of the mean, lean, mangy, hidebound skinny, worthless cattle in every particular drove.

Thus begins the newest issue of Another Chicago Magazine.

Featuring the works of Erika Mikkalo, a translation of Manuel Silva Acevedo's Lobo y Ovejas, three short plays by Fred Sasaki, the 2009 Chicago Literary Award Winners and much, much more!

Illustrated by Rob Funderburk with additional works by Aaron Shimer and Jenny Inzerillo

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American Values

ACM #48 is an issue dedicated to the theme of "American Values." In this issue we feature original art by Andy Carter, as well as some fine work by writers in the Chicago area and beyond. Our Poetry section features an exciting collection of poets such as Brandi Homan, Jason Koo, Noah Eli Gordon, Chad Parmenter, Kristy Odelius, and Thomas Heise. Our Fiction section contains prose by Joe Meno, Thomas Beller, Sean Padraic McCarthy, Kirk Nesset, and Alan Cheuse. Our Creative Nonfiction section is comprised of pieces by Mira Bartok, Kathleen Rooney, and Carole Rosenthal. Garry Cooper's "Whirled News Tonight" lambasts political news by eviscerating the form in which it appears and we have both fiction and poetry by the talented Lina ramona Vitkauskas. Our Reviews section examines the work of Lisa Sewell, Larry Janokowski, Michael Morano, Michael McColly, Betsy Andrews, Tony Trigilio, and an anthology of Chicago poetry edited by William Allegrezza and Ray Bianchi. You can buy it here.