On Marvellous Things Heard

Another Chicago Magazine chest-bumps our pals at Green Lantern on their newest release, Gretchen E. Henderson's On Marvellous Things Heard.

Designed gorgeously per usual -- white on ruby this time, with a limited edition artist plate by Carrie Gundersdorf -- it's a book about poetry and language, somehow never stuffily. Everything is in bite-sized experimental fragments, all tangled together with not a few nods to Aristotle (who totally published a book with the same title, way back before Jesus was born - whoa!). Everything is smart and passionate.

On Marvellous Things is a translation, a metamorphisis, and, in some parts, it's just really awesome and funny and you don't have to overanalyze it. All told, the book is one to read and re-read, a different way each time. We're proud to say we live in the same city as the folks who put it out. (For more information, visit Green Lantern Press at http://press.thegreenlantern.org.)