Printer's Ball

Printer's Ball happened last weekend.  For those of you who don't know, Printer's Ball is annual celebration of literary culture and printmaking.  This was its 10th year and my first year attending.  I had gone to Printer's Row earlier this year and was admittedly a little disappointed.  Not so much by the events going on there, but the crowd.  This crowd seemed more writerly.  I should mention that at Printer’s Row I was shamelessly handing out flyers with some of my work and links to more work.  I designed the flyer the night before when I couldn’t sleep and made 50 copies the morning of.  I got the idea from Michael J Seidlinger, founder of Civil Coping Mechanisms press.  He said something, I believe in his Otherppl podcast, along the lines of why bother paying for a stand when I could just walk around handing out shit.  Smart move.  I'd recommend the same to any small press, magazine, writer, whoever.  

The flier.  I logged everything I ate and drank for nearly 4 months.  This is a less-detailed version I made fit in the corresponding dates of my planner.


I handed these out to middle-aged folk in sandals who gave polite mumbles or said I should eat less PB n J.  Printer's Ball would've been much better for this.  There were workshops on all sorts of technical skills hosted by Spudnik Press Cooperative, readings from the Next Objectivists, free ice cream, DJs, and only a bit of a storm.  When the storm came everyone shuffled inside toward a reading from someone I can't remember the name of and who I couldn't really hear, but the language I picked up on was apocalyptic (crucified, ash, iron, scorched, etc.).  It felt appropriate.  Then the rain cleared up and I left along with most everyone else.  


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