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BFFL: Best Friends For Life

Check out Flavorwire's compilation of "Literary Characters Who Would Be Best Friends in Real LIfe." Got any you'd like to add?

Author vs. Author

Flavorwire has compiled a list of the 30 best author insults over the years. Check them out and file them away for future use...you don't have to be Nietzsche to refer to someone as a hyena.

Lit Psych 101

What does your favorite childhood book say about you? Let Flavorwire tell you with this list of novels and what they say about your soul. And while we're on the topic of psychology, check out this piece by Robert McCrum from The Guardian on the acquisition of John Fowles's desk. McCrum argues that as less paper is left behind in our increasingly digital world, there will be more focus on a writer's "non-literary artifacts" than on their manuscripts. While I see McCrum's point, I would bet that there is still insightful messiness to be found in the manuscripts of today, even if they aren't always handwritten. Does writing on a computer make that writing less interesting to future generations than writing by hand? Is it true that we're starting to turn to objects for insight rather than drafts? I'm still not entirely convinced.