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The Way We Roll (we roll)!


We're holding out for The Way We Hide Things in Our Bellybuttons as the follow-up, but in the meantime check out an interview over at Knee-Jerk about Another Chicago Magazine's 1st ever foray into book publishing!

Quiz! How well do you know your Truman Capote insults?

Oxford University Press has compiled a list of Truman Capote quotes describing various literary moguls of his time. Can you match the names to his descriptions?

The Queen's English

Check out Giles Harvey's post on the New Yorker's Book Bench about the difference between British and American English and the way we treat the speakers of each. As Harvey points out, people are often quick to dismiss certain evolutions of language as slang or impure, when really it just shows how language use changes over time. Which is why literature has changed so drastically from Shakespeare's day, and why we celebrate this fact with indie magazines and small presses. What's the fun of language if you can't experiment with it?

A Slumber Party Massacre

ACM is hosting a Printer's Ball after party on July 30, 2011 at Beauty Bar on Chicago Ave. The theme is Slumber Party Massacre. Intrigued? You should be. Check out our Facebook invite for more information. And don't forget to RSVP to the Printers' Ball.

Author vs. Author

Flavorwire has compiled a list of the 30 best author insults over the years. Check them out and file them away for future don't have to be Nietzsche to refer to someone as a hyena.

Check it: Chicago, caricature-style.

Check out Rob Funderburk's (the man behind the artwork of ACM 50) rendition of our event, The New Chicago Style, last Thursday.


Friends, we have a special evening planned for you! The Chicago Cultural Center reading is absolutely free. Doors for the panel discussion and afterparty opens at 8 pm, but we don't expect to get it started it until 9 pm. The Chicago Reader listed us as a recommended event! We're pumped. If you click through to the rest of this post, you'll see a flier for the after party.

Check it: the best of Chicago readings

CBS Chicago's Mason Johnson reviews the top literary readings in the city. Check it out (and then check them out in person) to see if you agree.

A list of friends and our very own...

Just of ahead of Printer Rows Lit Fest (we'll be there, of course, come say hello!), New City released Lit 50: Who Really Books in Chicago 2011. It's a list (no way!) of Chicago's literary stock. ACM's own Editor-in-Chief, Jacob S. Knabb, clocks in at 42.

Nelson Algren Documentary Kickstarter

Check out the Chicagoist article about the new Nelson Algren documentary and what you can do to help raise funds through Kickstarter!