The beginning of the end

It's December 1, which means that a) it's time to shave, and b) it's the beginning of the end of the year reading compilations. Today, check out The New York Times's 10 Best Books of the year and The Millions's A Year in Reading Series. What do you love? What do you hate? What would you include on your own list?

Uncharted Books to open next month

Chicago Publishes talks to Tanner McSwain, owner of Uncharted Books, a new bookstore/workshop space to open in December in Logan Square. "We’re hoping to have writers’ workshops, open mics, and readings," McSwain told Claire Glass. I'm always a fan of new spaces for writing and art. Can't wait!

Literary Meccas

National Geographic ranks the top 10 literary cities of the world. The U.S. doesn't make it on the list until 7 (Portland, Oregon) and 8 (Washington, D.C.). While it's hard to argue with much of their reasoning, I still have to say it — no Chicago? Clearly they've never been to the Printers' Ball.

Sharpen the Saw: Free Writing Workshops

Hey Chicago writers, need some help breaking out of writer's block? Northwestern University creative writing graduate students are hosting free writing workshops on December 3 and December 4. Classes are 55 minutes long, and will be held on the Evanston campus. Interested participants can go here for more information on the classes, and for instructions on how to register. 

ACM & Curbside Splendor Publishing host a [pre]release celebration at the Uptown Book Expo!



ACM & Curbside Splendor host a reading of present and past contributors this Saturday, November 19th from 5-6pm, celebrating ACM's forthcoming Issue 50.2, the second in our all Chicago issue, Curbside Splendor's recent Issue 2, and Curbside Splendor's new book Chicago Stories: 40 Dramatic Fictions by Michael Czyzniejewski, coming out April 2012.

Readers include:

Chris Bower 

Philip Jenks

Natalie Edwards

James Tadd Adcox

Ben Tanzer

Ben Spies

Paul Luikart

Sondra Morin

Come to this, but more important, come to the Expo running all day Saturday Nov. 19 and Sunday Nov. 20. Support Chicago Independent Publishing! 

For more information about the Uptown Book Expo, click here!!!


On Marvellous Things Heard

Another Chicago Magazine chest-bumps our pals at Green Lantern on their newest release, Gretchen E. Henderson's On Marvellous Things Heard.

BFFL: Best Friends For Life

Check out Flavorwire's compilation of "Literary Characters Who Would Be Best Friends in Real LIfe." Got any you'd like to add?

In case you missed it

Daniel Sinker, author of the infamous @MayorEmanuel Twitter feed and teacher at Columbia College on his success as a "Twitterature" author at Huffington Post.

Slow Hand {a gothic romance}

Slow Hand {a gothic romance}

by dawn lonsinger


There’s a hand inside your pants and it’s a slow hand. It’s not your hand, but a separate hand. A hand with a history, a hand that has vampiric tendencies. A hard-on hand. It’s a hand without a brain, a clumsy hand. It’s knocking on your skin, trying to get in. It’s a hand overwhelmed with responsibility, gothic in its quest for atmosphere. There’s a hand inside your pants, an unsure hand, a double-take of a hand. Hand chased by a terrible thing. A hand that can’t get away from itself. It is a dark and stormy night in your pants. And there is a phantom-hand on the prowl. It is trying so hard, in your pants, to undo itself from flesh via flesh, hovers like a vandal, sweats. Borrowed hand, tying a knot in your pants. Editorial hand. Bland hand. Hand pickled in its own handiness. Locomotive hand. It has something to say but no voice. For example, with this hand in your pants you are hapless. A where’s-my-worth hand, a cold hand, a beer can of a hand. Meaty hand that wants always to be other than a hand, to traverse being with touch, to feel something . . . anything alive, and in that feeling become more alive, pirate warmth. Feverish ruins. Flu-hand. Panic-hand. Salmon-hand. There’s an ad hoc hand in your pants, and it moves like a cave lizard reading Braille with its translucent body. Cosmically slow hand—in your pants—blindly gazing at you, as others before you. Story-board hand. A hand with a plan. Scavenger hand. Opera hand. It’s a tan hand, a normal hand, a community hand. A hand without accomplices. It’s a hand pleading the fifth. Slowly, slowly it bobs like an astronaut who’s dangling in space but tethered to matter. The birds all flock away. It’s a dark and terrifying resurrection. Well-timed hand. A drowned clown hand. Vacation hand. A clammy hand, a starfish, a vamp. There’s a hand in the forbidding mansion of your pants amid an index of nerve endings . . . but this hand has no nerve for ending, is addicted to fumbling. It’s a hand in touch with its inner ruse. It’s a moving fossil, rubbing residue on you. You are caught between yourself and this hand. Between pants and no pants, dignity and bribery, jinx and ennui. Between the past and a replica of the past, between futility and death. Don’t turn on the lights. Only after a convincing disaster will you squirm, sense there’s no man behind the hand. It’s a straw man hand, and it’s in your pants. There’s no denying it; there’s a slow hand in your pants. And it might just settle in there if you don’t scream.

The Way We Roll (we roll)!


We're holding out for The Way We Hide Things in Our Bellybuttons as the follow-up, but in the meantime check out an interview over at Knee-Jerk about Another Chicago Magazine's 1st ever foray into book publishing!