Here are a few things you should be reading:

Esquire does a big piece on writer Phillip Roth, who is not Jonathan Franzen.

Howard Jacobson wins the Man Booker prize, for his novel The Finkler Question beating out  the house favorite C by Tom McCarthy, the book everyone in the UK placed bets on last Wednesday to win the Booker, because I guess there is nothing better to do in England than gambling (and loosing) on literary awards.

More stuff about the guy who punched Gabriel García Márquez here. (h/t Second Pass)

We have written a dirty Limerick...

We could not afford pizza tonight, so instead we read lots of submissions, drank lots of coffee, and composed a dirty limerick. For your consideration, our poetical virtuosity:

There once was a bellhop named Royster

Who fancied his woman an oyster

With his cock he did swirl

To recover her pearl

In the end she could not have been moister

The Man Who Punched Gabriel García Márquez.

The Swedish Academy awarded Mario Vargas Llosa with the Nobel Prize in Literature earlier today, hooray! Here is a random passage from the novel The Bad Girl:

I was sure this time too that I'd never hear from her again. As I had the previous times, I made the firm resolution, at the age of thirty-eight, to fall in love with someone less evasive and complicated, a normal girl with whom I could have a relationship free of unexpected alarms, maybe even marry and have children. But that didn't happen, because in this life things rarely happen the way we little pissants plan them.


We have ordered Domino's...

nommin' on zazersYet, we cannot believe that we have ordered Domino's. It has cost us $16.44 and is being delivered right now by 'Diomedes.' We like the name 'Diomedes.' It might be because we are hungry. Hungry for Domino's.

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