ACM 49 Bestiarium Vocabulum

Another Chicago Magazine Issue 49

Bestiarium Vocabulum

Here begins an examination of the nature of beasts.
Of lions and panthers and tigers,
wolves and foxes,
dogs and apes.
Of poets and fictioneers
and graphic design mavens,
lurkers and disreputable types,
hyenas and scalawags,
and all of the mean, lean, mangy, hidebound skinny, worthless cattle in every particular drove.

Thus begins the newest issue of Another Chicago Magzine.

Featuring the works of Erika Mikkalo, a translation of Manuel Silva Acevedo's Lobo y Ovejas, three short plays by Fred Sasaki, the 2009 Chicago Literary Award Winners and much, much more!

Illustrated by Rob Funderburk with additional works by Aaron Shimer and Jenny Inzerillo

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Table of Contents

Bestiarium Vocabulum

Zach Dodson, Facts about Bats

Nicolette Bond, Yoshi

Erika Mikkalo, The Aardvark; The Bees; The Cat; The Donkey; The Elephants; The Flounder; The Geckos; The Horse; The Idiot; The Jackalope; The Katydids; The Lemur; The Mandrill; The Newt; The Octopus; The Platypus; The Quetzlcoatl; The Rhino; The Stork; The Unicorn; The Zebu 

Manuel Silva Acevedo, Lobos y Ovejas [Wolves and Sheep]: Translated by Daniel Borzutzky

Sally Wen Mao, Mellivora Capensis

Aaron Burch, How To

Fred Sasaki, Three Short Plays

Tony Trigilio, Last Swine in the Country of the Gadarenes

Timothy Yu, Emotionless Underwear Bunny


Amber Drea, Where Everyone Gets Laid

Eugene Wildman, from Next Time You See Me

Donna D. Vitucci, Comes after Cato

Caeli Wolfson Widger, Danger Everywhere

Tracy DeBrincat, Gardenland

Jennifer Pieroni, This Side Down

Creative Nonfiction

Rafael Torch, Son of Santo

Peter LaSalle, Plasticize Your Documents: With G. Flaubert in Carthage

Mira Bartók, Nine Valleys in One Twilight


Jen Bartman, Information Age Alice in Wonderland

Sean Lause, The Gift

Michael Meyerhofer, Poem in Which I, and Only I, Get What I Deserve; From One Poet to Another

J. Mae Barizo, Chandelier

Rauan Klassnik, Our Father; Tonight

Travis Mossotti, Glass of Water

Cody Lumpkin, At the Peepshow

Erich Hintze, Star Trek is Nice; You Could Smell It from the Living Room

Margaret LeMay-Lewis, Bus and Checkout

Maritza Cino, from Day of the Dead: Translated by Alexis Levitin and Fernando Iturburu

Mary Julia Klimenko, Letter to D. #5

Simeon Berry, Last Resort

Dore Kiesselbach, Clot

Noel Slobada, Uncracked

Heather James, Stylus

Dale M. Kushner, After the Garden, They; Long Abandoned; Persephone; The Mothers

Simon Perchik, G157

Anne Pierson Wiese, The Alchemy

Fritz Ward, Love Letter Rattling the Bell Jar

James Engelhardt, The Arc Depends on Emptiness; The Awkward Confession

Joddy Murray, Manus; V

Chicago Literary Awards

Felecia Caton Garcia, Dreams of the Dead (Invitation Declined)

Lauren Cobb, Boulevard Women


Race Course: Against White Supremacy. By Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn—Reviewed by Sara Skolnik

The Roswell Poems. By Rane Arroyo—Reviewed by Joris Soeding

Revolver. By Robin Schiff—Reviewed by A. Stuart Brandon

The Tangled Line. By Tod Marshall—Reviewed by Ed Skoog

UNION! By Ish Klein—Reviewed by Katie Hartsock

No Accident. By Aaron Anstett—Reviewed by Tony Trigilio

The Importance of Peeling Potatoes in Ukraine. By Mark Yakich—Reviewed by Nikki Paley Cox